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A profession in electrical services is quite rewarding probably because there is always a high demand for these services everywhere. Today, most people use electricity daily hence, the services of a competent electrician are always needed. These skilled craftsmen are generally responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical devices and systems.

It is relevant to note that there are two types of licenses in this industry. Both of them are awarded after the successful completion of an exam that is based on a code system used nationwide in the United States called National Electrical Code. The two licenses are listed below.

1. Master’s License

This license is often considered to be one issued for a business or a contractor. With this license, one can start their own electrical business and hire employees to work under them. A holder basically works in a supervisory role or a managerial role if they start their own enterprise. To be licensed one requires years of experience or an electrical engineering bachelor’s degree. One of the main qualities required here includes excellent managerial skills. A master’s license holder can also take apprentices under their wing.

2. Journeyman’s License

This license is generally taken to be a working license. A holder can work independently without any supervision but cannot start and run their own contracting business without a master’s license. However, one can work with an apprentice.

Specialization of Electricians

Professionals with either a masters or journeyman’s license can choose one or more specializations to pursue. Below are 2 specializations.

1. Residential

These professionals install, upgrade and maintain electrical equipment in residential homes and apartments. They must go through classroom instruction followed by apprenticeship working under an experienced individual. They must also pass a state exam. Services rendered include the following: Wiring of cable TV, speakers, phone, electrical gates and security systems. They also install fans, electrical hot water tanks, intercoms, landscape lighting systems, generators, flood lights, motion sensors and smoke detectors. They also do repairs, upgrades and maintenance of these systems.

2. Commercial and Industrial

These professionals work in commercial buildings, business enterprises and construction sites. They work with mechanical electrical systems providing installation, repair and maintenance services. They also do troubleshooting and system upgrades. Other services they offer include installation of electronic key and other security systems, generators, motion sensors, smoke detectors as well as phone and data lines. They also do code violations, green lighting, control panel installation, surge and lighting protection as well as thermal imaging.