The kitchen is a multi-functional space that is used for cooking, eating, entertaining, cleaning and even as an office or home-schooling room.  A thoughtful design can help the kitchen seamlessly function to facilitate these and other activities.

Inspiration for this type of kitchen design can be found in kitchen showrooms.  Using the same principles applied in these showrooms will assist you in choosing items like cabinets, countertops and fixtures and finishes for your space that will impress your family and friends.

Whether you are doing a redesign or a complete kitchen renovation, careful planning could assist you in creating a kitchen that will be beautiful, functional and add value to your home.   Below are some tips on how to renovate your kitchen, using showrooms as inspiration:

These showrooms have a plethora of kitchen materials and settings for varying budgets, styles, tastes and available space.  Showroom presentations will surely provide the inspiration necessary to make the best choices where renovating your home is concerned.

In showrooms, you will have the ability to see everything combined in stunning kitchens that can be seen and felt in real time. This makes it a lot easier to choose, particularly for homeowners who do not have the capacity to make visual combinations and anticipate the outcomes.

There are friendly and creative specialists as well.  These experts are willing and ready to educate homeowners on what is required to successfully complete a renovation.  Kitchen showrooms also highlight the importance of:

Being Wise With Organization

Think about where and how certain items are typically used.  For instance, store your flatware close to the dishwasher to ease the dish unloading process.

Incorporating Wide Walkways

Ensure the floor plan includes adequate room between the cabinets and island (if it exists), and ensure the aisles are sufficiently wide. The aim is to be able to move easily throughout the space while alone and when sharing the space with your family.

Considering Traffic Flow

For a child-friendly space, make the refrigerator accessible to the person cooking and other household members who might want to get a snack.  Additionally, place the cooktop in a low-traffic area.

Choosing Stainless Steel Accents

Aside from appliances, think about other stainless accents such as vent hoods, pendant lights and cabinet hardware.

Making the Space White and Bright

To bring a fresh, open feel to the space, keep colors bright and certain surfaces like cabinets and countertops white.  If there is a skylight or large windows, the light color will be particularly emphasized.

Using Elements of Wood and Stone

If you overindulge in any area, make it the countertops.  A beautiful stone counter combined with wooden cabinets really makes a statement, particularly with a kitchen island.

Luxury is a delight that can be experienced at any range.  Whether you are undertaking a full kitchen renovation or upgrading your appliances and fixtures, there is the option of creating a kitchen that looks like it can be included on the pages of the best architectural magazine.

A remarkable kitchen starts with a remarkable plan and the team of experts at these showrooms have the knowledge and expertise to introduce you to a world of thrilling materials and fixtures, while helping you to stick to your established budget.

Reasons to Visit Kitchen Showrooms

  • Familiarize Yourself With Various Benchtop and Cabinet Finishes

Get to recognize the difference between stainless steel, engineered stone, marble, granite, and timber. In kitchen showrooms, you will be able to touch and see the material.  Familiarizing yourself with the properties of each type of bench top is wise to determine the one that is best for your space.  There is also a design team that will be able to help you with deciding on cabinetry finishes to provide the knowledge needed for the renovation process.

  • Understand Kitchen Design Zones

Things have changed over the past several decades since the ‘work triangle’ was the predominant kitchen design.  Kitchens are now being designed with a variety of zones.  They are a consumable zone, a storage zone, a cooking zone, a food preparation zone and a cleanup zone. In the kitchen design process, an accurate workflow of the culinary process is taken into consideration.

  • Discover Ideal Kitchen Lighting

LED lights have truly taken off in new builds and kitchen renovations and they can be used in different places around the kitchen, including inside cabinets and above work surfaces. When visiting kitchen showrooms, you will see a distinction between warm-toned and cool-toned LEDs, and the different techniques for setting them up as well.

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